Welcome to the 26th World Micromachine Summit 2023

Bucharest, Romania, May 22- 24, 2023


MMS 2023 venue - Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest, , Romania [...]
Location: 56, Victory Avenue, 010083, Sector 1, Bucharest. (Goole maps coordinates)

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MMS 2023 will be organized by the National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies - IMT Bucharest

Hotel accomodation

The event organizers booked a number of rooms for the MMS2023 participants with a special price:

  • Novotel Bucharest City Centre - upon availablility after 27 April 2023.
    The payment for the room is on the participants charge.

Participants should submit their individual requests for room reservation directly at the hotel.
Please notice that hotel reservations are made on the first-come, first-served basis. After the indicated dates, the reservations will be accepted upon hotel’s availability.

Welcome to the 26th World Smart Systems & Micromachine Summit 2023

Special interest topic for this MMS2023 is „Electronic systems: challenges and perspectives”

Topic: “Electronic systems: challenges and perspectives”

Chips Act initiatives (EU, USA, others) - identifying and integrating semiconductors in specific policy activities, developing capacity, strengthening the regulatory & policy framework; technology challenges and global threats;
Sensors, MEMS, system integration including nanodevices, communications, RF& optoelectronic devices, flexible electronics, 3D Printing, biosensors, organs-on chip, self-powered portable devices, data collection and communication for personalized healthcare enhancing;
Green, sustainable ECS technologies - micro/nano-scale energy efficiency, energy harvesting and storage, renewable non-fossil energy, low-carbon technologies and manufacturing processes;
AI for data analysis and prediction, robots, drones, etc. for security, environmental and healthcare solutions;